Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Dreams and commitments (no not the band)

So… I was inspired by BigAlice to start up my dream journal again. My one and only nod towards a “N Y’s Resolution.”
They are, after all, an invention of Hallmark or some other commercial entity designed to make us feel guilty about not being the perfect souls we could be, if only we sent everyone in our lives their cards or other banal products.
But, let’s get back to the dream journal. I abandoned it along with most of the other things that were working in my life after a particularly nasty series of bad days (and fights with the H) because I was in F-it mode and just generally gave up on most everything – except chocolate of course. (No, to you wannabe shrinks- I was not in the throws of depression; I was pissed off!) Naturally, in typical PMS fashion, I gave up on the things that would have seen me through the “nasties” rather than leaning on them. Yes, like a crutch. But crutches can serve a purpose; unless of course they land you in jail or earn you DUIs. Thankfully, I have managed to get to this day in my life having avoided both. (Praise be for designated drivers!) So I am back on track again. And none of that, “Ooh nooo. Can’t start until I find the perfect journal, perfect pen, perfect book light…” None of that sheit! I am just starting. Writing. Dribbling. Much like what you see here today. But the difference being, I will be recording my dreams and I will be dribbling onto the pages of whatever I can get my hands on between now & bed. So there! I have said it. I have written it. I will post it. I am committed to it. Y’all will be my dream police. Stay with me. Nag me. Require accountability from me. I will be faithful and true, and I will tell the truth if I fall off the dream journal wagon.
It is done!
Any one care to join me for a nap?
Ah, damn!
I have to go teach.
So until tonight, sweet dreams (day & night) to one and all.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

So. Here I am two months after post 1 and just now getting around to post 2.
There is a line from a movie I saw once (maybe it was a book I read?) “Never apologize; never surrender.” Then again maybe it was advice I gave someone.
One way or the other, here I am. Back on the page again.

Christmas meanderings seem WAY late right now, but not having shared them previously; here goes:
Christmas found us home. Our home, such as it is –what with being occupied by one overworked mom, 2 teenagers, 1 teen-in-training, one Dad, 2 cats, 2 Hammies, one rat, a collection of fish, and a year’s supply of yarn. (Give or take a decade.) Grandma was horrified, I am sure, by what I am certain she views as my lack of housekeeping skills. But we were home, our traditional fire in the fireplace, wrapping paper flying and all. Daughter #1 was here, as was SIL, and the one and only grandchild. Spoiling is such sweet fun. And of course, #1 son, daughter #2, and son #2 –AKA the “baby” who, BTW is now 12. (But always my baby, you know.) Both the grandmas were here, my Mum (Granny) and K’s Mom (Grandma.)
After presents, we went to Grandma’s for dinner, games and the like. Heat, I must tell you, is a wonderful thing. Kudos to whomever invented heat. Here we are on the wonderful coast of “Sunny” California and what do you think we did on Christmas? We froze our collective “fannies” off. 32 Freakin’ degrees on Christmas. Snow? No, don’t be ridiculous! We are at sea level folks; no snow here. No rain, no sleet, just wind. Oh, and did I mention cold? Blue fingers and toes were the order of the day. Too bad we don’t know anyone who knits (snicker) or they could make us some nice warm, practical warmmies. But no, the knitters in the house are all working on flimsy lace bits suitable for looking lovely, but the warmth factor is low on the priority list. Although, admittedly, I did manage to get the 4 hats and one neck sock done that were Christmas presents done. I am still in the learning stages of Blogger –so bear with me while I learn the whole “add buttons, post pictures, move things around” thing. All while trying to satisfy the grand state of CA that I deserve a permit to sell “stuff” and collect taxes from the residents of CA and cyberland. More on the continuing saga of “the biz” later.
Today is #1 son’s Birthday. He turns 20 –yes folks, no longer a teenager- today. Never you mind that he acts 8 -10 on a good day; he is 20. So if there are any lovely, nice, (Catholic?) financially stable girls out there who want to date my son, and if you have the patience of a saint (although I understand he is a wonderful date) and love sitting by your phone while he devotes all (and I mean ALL) his time and $$ to paintball and the pursuit of the perfect field and the perfect gun/hopper combination- E me; I will send you a picture.
Now, truth be told, he is a truly wonderful person. Sweet, good hearted, has a real soft spot for little furry animals… but (as often happens with his gender) somewhat immature. Smart too, and did I mention cute. (If you mention any of this to him I will deny it!) But not ready for grown-up land yet. Can’t say I blame him; I want to move as far away from grown-up land as I can possibly get myself.
OK, so #1 son’s birthday. Time to head out to the movies. “Night in the Museum” is the fare de jour. I’ll let you know how it was. It occurs to me that one of the “trouble with” things about movies is that if their trailer is funny (and I mean laugh out loud funny) the movie almost never lives up to that funny expectation. Keeping an open mind & crossing my fingers – here goes.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Pax ad omnis ineo,
This is my first post, day one of my new adventure. I have been waiting for all the pieces to be in the right place prior to launching my blog, but recent events have convinced me that if I continue to wait for all the pieces to be in the right place, I may never set sail.
I am in the grueling process of writing a mission statement; until then, just a note about my reason for being here. I am a designer, knitter, bead mistress, seamstress, crocheter, artist and business woman. My primary focus here is knitting, but because we are a multitalented group, I hope to dedicate a little corner to other endeavors as well.
My goal is to reach out to those who share similar passions, interests, curiosities, and quests. We are a community that reaches around the globe and all are welcome here. Outreach is important to the planet as a whole; no person is an island.
My guidelines are simple, come with an open heart and an open mind. Extend kindness to everyone you encounter here; one never knows how far reaching the ripples of a simple kindness will extend. Offer freely what you have, and take with gratitude what is offered, be mindful that what someone else has created is, legally and ethically, copyrighted. Respect is ultimately the key; without it, we are simply stones.